If not now, when? If not me, who?

Ever wondered that the ecological challenges we face today are too overwhelming? Ever feel like it is you vs the whole world?

One of the founders of Open Biotecture, Benjamin Trias, writes about what inspires him to live a logically ecological life. Benjamin delves deep into his motivations and addresses the human nature of self-interest and altruism to conclude that living a self-sufficient lifestyle is “not about waiting others will make the necessary changes, it’s about taking the steps yourself at a local level.”

I  have abandoned the dark thoughts of apocalypse and instead I envision a society where people like you and me would engage actively in development at home, where people would have the dignifying capacity to build their own house, to produce renewable energy and grow their healthy food, while enjoying the comfort, ease and free time which progress is all about…Whether you do come along on this journey or not, whether the ecological doomsday should pass or not, I will engage in this way forward, which is logically ecological.

Please read the entire blog entry “Logically Ecological”


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