UBAB Pictures

The UBAB  test run is built and the first batch is now running. Below are some pictures and comments.

Gas-holder drum 100L. Perforated at the bottom, to which a fitter, a valve and pipe are added.

50L drum which has operated as a garbage bin for the last 10 days.

Bin and holder together.

The lid of the bin is perforated and an air-tight fitting has been added to it.

The bin has been collecting organic waste since 10 days. A feast for flies!

Inside the holder is a truck tire bowel fitted to the pipe. The gas-holder is filled with water, to check for leakage as well as to provide safety against fire!

Fresh cow dung is necessary to inoculate the bin with the anaerobic bacterias. We added 1L dung. My favourite moment!

The pipe is connected to the lid of the bin. Easy system!

The dung has been added to the bin and then the bin was filled with water.

The UBAB fits in a kitchen easily. It could fit in the space you see here below. However, the bin requires heat for the digestion to process well, hence it is placed on the South-facing terasse. Now this is a test run. The finished product should also include a splitter near the gas-holder to append another bin to the system and to provide an exit for the biogas to connect to the stove.

Comments and feedback has already reached us regarding the UBAB project:

What is the water of the gas holder for?

The water in the gas-holder has three functions. First it allows for seeing any potential gas leak. Second, it provides safety in case the gas-filled chamber enters in contact with fire. Third, it increases pressure on the chamber.

What happens to the water of the gas holder when the chamber fills up with gas?

Indeed, as with Aristotle in his bath, the increasing volume of the gas chamber would displace an equal volume of water. Hence the gas-holder should be filled in such a way no water would overflow when the chamber is full.

Should the bin’s lid not be made air-tight?

Good point, it isn’t at the moment. Since the pressure on the gas chamber will be higher than the air-pressure around the bin, the gas may leak through the lid. An additional joint will be added to the lid, made of a rubber strip, cut out of an old bicycle’s bowel.


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