UBAB: Failed?

The Urban Batch Anaerobic Biodigester has not produced any amount of gas so far or has failed to collect the gas into the gas-holder.

What could possibly be the problem? Other experiments documented on Internet claim producing about 50L of biogas per day.

One way of testing whether a batch indeed is producing gas, would be to isolate a batch and connect a balloon to the lid. If this balloon indeed fills up with gas, we could conclude the problem lies in the collection of gas into the holder. Perhaps the gas escapes through the lid of the batch, in spite of the washer laid into the lid.

Could the temperature surrounding the batch be to low for anaerobic bacterias to develop? Is the initial amount of dung used to inoculate the batch insufficient? Would a continuous batch be more efficient, like the existing ARTI model?

Any suggestions are more than welcome.

We are already contemplating the possibility that the UBAB may simply not be a viable solution. What are then our alternatives to recycling organic waste?

  • Wet Anaerobic Digestion
    • Batch
    • Continuous
  • Dry Anaerobic Digestion a.k.a Dry Fermentation
    • Batch
    • Continuous
  • Composting
    • Worm
    • Aerobic

Are there more options to recycle food waste?

An interesting option is dry anaerobic digestion a.k.a. dry fermentation, because it requires no added water nor dung / sludge as a kick-start. These characteristics would make it suitable to urban areas where dung / sludge as well as space are less available. Unfortunately, we have found no detailed information as to how dry fermentation could be implemented in a small home-based scale. Existing information concerns large scale industrial digesters and technical details are not provided to the extent one could easily replicate them. Is there any useful technical information available on dry fermentation anywhere?


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