Sustainable Living on Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a Q&A platform for professionals which has grown dramatically since its inception with Stack Overflow (a Q&A and knowledge exchange for programmers). Nowadays Stack Exchange offers many more sites focusing on various technical disciplines ranging from engineering to linguistics, maths and game development.

Stack Exchange also has its own incubation platform, called Area 51, where new sites can be developed and launched, on the condition they find sufficient support and receive sufficient traffic. Some time ago a Sustainable Living site was proposed and it received sufficient commitment to reach a private beta status. This means the site now is open to anyone who commits to the idea so they may start asking questions or answering them. Once the site will flourish, it will be open to the public and its traffic should increase.

We think a Sustainable Living Q&A on Stack Exchange is a great idea, which fits in our vision. Indeed, we believe development knowledge and know-how should not be restricted to experts and technocrats, but divulged and shared freely so all can take part in and benefit from ecologically responsible development.

Hence we encourage you to commit to the Sustainable Living Q&A in Stack Exchange, asking questions or sharing your expertise.


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