Drip Irrigation Set

Today I acquired a drip irrigation kit from a shop in Kathmandu for 350 NPR only.

Let’s see what is in this set:

Drip Irrigation Set

Drip Irrigation Set

  • 10 end drippers
  • 10 in-line drippers
  • 1 tap adapter
  • 1 flow control valve
  • 1 filter washer
  • 2 straight connectors
  • 15 T-connectors
  • 5 end clamps
  • 15 support stakes
  • 10 pipe clips
  • 23 M vinyl pipe

This little package is pretty exciting. I have installed it right away, although I still need to figure out how to fix the tap adapter to the tap. The in-line drippers are more useful than the end drippers. As I was short of in-line drippers, I used the end drippers in combination with a T-joint.

After connecting to the tap, we will provide feedback on the efficiency of the dripping irrigation set.

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