Building an Atmospheric Water Generator

Open Biotecture would like to introduce Sulav Malla, a young engineering student of the Institute of Engineering of the Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, who has been selected for our 2013 internship on Atmospheric Water Generation in collaboration with Karkhana. Congratulations and welcome on board!

Sulav Malla

Sulav Malla, Intern.

Sulav will engage in the research and development of an Atmospheric Water Generator. The research is planned out as follow:

  1. Establish an overview of all the possible technologies that could be used to build an AWG, with their pro’s and con’s. By July 28th, we will decide what technology should be exploited for this research program.
  2. Design on paper an AWG using the chosen technology. By the end of August 2013, we should have a complete overview of what equipment and tools will be required to build the AWG.
  3. Build the AWG from September onwards. We now think a month will be enough to complete the construction, but deadlines may have to be adjusted.

More news on the AWG research will soon be published.


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