Home-scale Anaerobic Biodigester

Recently we got in touch with Benjamin Underwood, who came to Nepal to work on building anaerobic biodigesters. His main ambition is to find ways to convert waste (aka unused resources) into energy. He was interested in picking up our small-scale urban biodigester (See UBAB).

He has built successfully his own continuous flow biodigester. We have now to see how it will perform. Again he is facing issues we had met ourselves. The most constraining one is the temperature (we had made ours in the winter and the bacteria didn’t thrive). In terms of usage, the biodigester requires a lot of work to be used, mainly because the waste has to be shredded before added to the digester.

Hopefully these issues will find their answer soon. Find out more about Benjamin’s project on Fuelcity.

Underwood Biodigester

Underwood Biodigester


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