Open Biotecture envisions a global society where (1) households empower themselves through efforts towards ecologically sound self-sufficiency, and (2) free information and open collaboration results in the good of all.


Open Biotecture is a social business that provides open sourced technical information and paid-for consultancy services for achieving self-sufficient living at household level through the implementation of energy-efficient and sustainable micro-solutions.


Self-sufficiency /ˈsɛlfsəˈfɪʃənsi/, noun
Self-sufficiency differs from autarchism in that the former does not strive towards absolute isolation from the market but rather constitutes the  ability to provide oneself with basic living requirements i.e. shelter, water, food, energy and access to information while interacting actively, responsibly and confidently with society. Self-sufficiency in basic living requirements is conducive to resilient societies.

Biotecture /baɪˈɒtɛktʃər/, noun
Biotecture is a development paradigm which recognises and optimises the relationship between built infrastructures and natural environment in which those are embedded. Here, biotecture is understood to be in close relationship with self-sufficiency: an effective means to improve upon resource usage with regard to cost-effectiveness, access and sustainability.

Micro solutions /ˈmaɪkroʊ səˈluʃənz/, noun, plural
Micro solutions are simple infrastructures utilising local resources. Applied and controlled at household or community level, micro solutions are more easily and participatively implemented than macro solutions. Multiplied across communities, these micro solutions have the potential to create resilient macro developments, while strengthening and extending democratic processes beyond the sole realm of politics.

Open Source /ˈoʊpənˈsoʊrs/, adjective
Open Source refers to the Open Source Economics paradigm in which information and knowledge underlying production processes are shared publicly, transparently and free-of-cost for the benefit of all. Open Source Economics relies on the assumption that free information spurs open collaboration and further developments that will benefit society as a whole, including the informant. At the organisation’s heart is the conviction that social responsibility and personal enrichment are not contradictory but rather complementary ethics.


Research and Development
Open Biotecture works at developing micro-solutions to bring self-sufficiency to households. To ensure the solutions are sustainable, we strive towards using low-impact technology and localized resources. Open Biotecture also is a platform where research and development is done collaboratively and where all solutions are open sourced so anyone can participate as well as implement the solutions independently.

Consulting and Services
Open Biotecture provides on-demand assistance in designing custom solutions and / or implementing existing solutions. We address projects on a paid-for basis, although whenever a client  can legitimately demonstrate the inability to pay, Open Biotecture will strive to find funds through crowd-funding. Find out more about our projects.

The Open Biotecture team is committed to promoting self-sufficient and ecologically sustainable living. This commitment includes public outreach, promotional and educational activities as well as publications and participation in public forums. Find out more about our advocacy.

Legal Status

The organisation will be registered as not-for-profit private limited company as per the Nepal Company Act 2063 BS (2006 AD), Government of Nepal.


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