Open Biotecture is motivated to act in the view of following challenges:

  • Growing economic insecurity in households in the face of global market volatility. Self-sufficient households develop more resilience to potential crises.
  • Increasing ecological insecurity as modern growth-centric production systems deplete and waste resources. Biotecture offers a resource-efficient and environmentally conscious alternative for development.
  • Political insecurity as the increasing concentration of wealth and resources threatens democracy and justice. Self-sufficient households are empowered economically and are better prepared to resist this threat.
  • Growing threat on intellectual commons resulting from the legal ethics of exclusive ownership that restricts access to information. In contrast, Open Source Economics advocates liberation of information and contributes to educating and empowering individuals.
  • Demise of individual capacity to provide oneself with basic living requirements – energy, water, food, and shelter – because of passive consumerism, over-specialization, and renting behavior. Self-sufficiency in households increases capacity of individuals to participate in grass-root development and social justice.
  • Failure and/or inability of top-down macro development programs to empower individuals at grass-root level. Implementing household micro-solutions with a participatory approach ensures demand-driven development that builds individual capacity for social responsibility.
  • Despondency due to the lack of access to resources. Providing this access stimulates a dignifying sense of adequacy which will reflect in the social fabric.

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