Internship Opening

Open Biotecture, in collaboration with Karkhana, is offering a research and development internship opportunity for engineering students or graduates. The internship focuses on the design and construction of a household Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG).

Kathmandu experiences considerable water shortage and low quality of potable water. In this context, an AWG would provide an independent and reliable source of potable water. Independent, because it does not rely on any infrastructure or supply chain and because it is managed by the consuming household. Reliable, because atmospheric humidity is constant and everywhere available.

The deadline for applications is July 7th, 2013.  You will find more about this internship in the attached announcement. Please share!

Announcement: Summer 2013 Internship Atmospheric Water Genertor

4 responses to “Internship Opening

  1. Great idea with great vision!! Nepalese will love to take benefit from this project!! I am open for this internship campaign…but i hav a doubt if this will create atmospheric disorder..on the other hand..the atmosphere here in kathmandu is too polluted..purification of those collected water need to be considered..still excited about this ambitious project..Great thought!!

    • Hi and thank you Bikash.

      Could you please explain what you mean with “atmospheric disorder”?
      I cannot agree more with you regarding the purification of the water. I do not imagine this device without a filter (filtering air input as well as water output).


  2. I mean if we start generating water from atmosphere,its obvious that there will be lack of moisture in atmosphere! i amnot sure how much volume of atmosphere will give us 1l of water but its pretty obvious the temperature, around the area from where there will be generation Of atmospheric water, will rise..this rise in temperature may cause disorder…May be the infinite volume of atmosphere seems unaffected with the small extraction for now.. but 8l water per day extraction from each and every house will make large extraction.There may be million litres of water generation in kathmandu only.large extraction may cause lack of moisture in daily basis..its just my simple analysis! i maynot be totally right..
    Bikash Gurung

    • Good point. It may be so. On the other hand, this water consumption is now taken from other places (rivers, water tables) which also are depleted of millions of liters per day.

      As I see it, atmospheric humidity will level out: drier air will increase evaporation, the water is not completely lost, we are talking about millions of people urinating and perspirating, giving back all the water they have taken.

      The point is taken and I hope to involve an environment specialist in our research, to give us a learned feedback.

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